Project Status


Land Cover: Land cover classification from 1993-1994 Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery is complete for peninsula Florida from the keys up to and overlaying Georgia.. The two Landsat scenes of the Florida panhandle will be completed in summer 1999. These scenes will complete the state.

Animal Modeling: Habitat-affinity matrices have been completed and all the taxonomic groups have been reviewed except birds. The latter will complete review in the summer of 1999. During the next 3 months the habitat matrices will be updated with the current standard taxonomic codes and matched to the final land cover classification. Previously completed and tested models are awaiting the final animal matrices and land covers for the production of a spatial habitat database and biodiversity models.

Land stewardship mapping: The Florida Natural Areas Inventory (The Nature Conservancy Heritage Program has compiled conservation land GIS coverages for the state of Florida. Attributes have been added to the coverages for GAP standard rankings based on the level of conservation protection.

Analysis: Data production will be completed in the summer of 1999 and final analysis will follow GAP standards. Final Analysis will be completed in the fall.

Reporting and data distribution: Reporting and data distribution will follow GAP standards. A final report will be prepared by the end of the year.

Other accomplishments and innovations: Aerial land cover sampling with a digital color infrared camera has been used to assist the labeling of unsupervised classifications. Non-continuous transects have been flown for all of north Florida at a spatial resolution of between 3 and 8cm. A navigation system directs the pilot and triggers the camera while collecting a real-time corrected GPS position and pitch, roll, and heading information. Positional error of the images is typically less than 30m, however recent improvements in the camera setup have resulted in errors of less than 20m. Doctoral research is underway to examine the potential for automated computer recognition of invasive plant species using the digital camera imagery.