Mammal Modeling

Geographic distribution of species was determined at the county level. Most data for the determination of county-level mammal distribution was collected from museums, but published sources were also used, especially for endangered species. Additional data on mammal distribution was provided by the Wildlife Observation database of the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission and by the American Society of Mammalogists series Mammalian Species. The availability of data varied by county. For several counties largely in private ownership with limited access, little data was available. We interpolated distributions in counties lacking data, based on the presence or absence of species in adjacent counties. All distribution maps were reviewed by recognized experts in their respective fields. Habitat affinities for mammals was determined primarily from literature review. Knowing which habitats are used by an animal allowed us to produce maps which are habitat specific. To date, our Florida species habitat/ecology bibliography includes >1300 sources which have been used to create descriptors of habitat use by species.

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