Poster Presentations


Florida POSTER PRESENTATIONS to National Gap Analysis Program Meetings

8th Annual Meeting: July 20-24, 1998 San Barbara, California

Is Vertebrate Richness an Adequate Umbrella for Protecting Biodiversity: Spatial Correspondence Between Ants and Mammals

Library of Digital Aerial Photography

7th Annual Meeting: August 3-8, 1997 Reston, Virginia

Incorporating Minimum Viable Population Criteria into Gap Models

Results of adding minimum viable areas and dispersal distances to Gap wildlife models

Avenue Script Application for GAP in ArcView

An example of how Avenue scripts can be used to aid ArcView users assess to Gap Data.

The TNC Vegetation Classification and Vegetation Mapping in Florida - Simplifying the Complex

An excel spreadsheet interface for more effecient management of image interpretation and field data.

Online Posters of all the State GAP Projects