WIS 2040
WIildlife Issues in a Changing World

INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Michael P. Moulton
303 Newins-Ziegler Hall
Phone: 846-0571
e-mail: moultonm@ufl.edu


Section 3929X - Online section - Complete Syllabus

Section 4580X - Tuesday Per 4 (10:40), Thursday Per 4-5(10:40 - 12:35) Complete Syllabus


Section 7067 - Online - Complete Syllabus

Section 2719 - Tuesday Per 4 (10:40), Thursday Per 4-5(10:40 - 12:35) Complete Syllabus

Summer A

Section 006A - Online - Complete Syllabus

Summer B

Section 5188 - MTWTF period 4 (11:00 - 12:15) Complete Syllabus

Course Content:

This course is designed specifically for students who wish to gain knowledge of selected issues affecting the interaction of humans and wildlife at the state, national, and international levels.

Course Objectives:

This course satisfies 3 credits of the University of Florida's General Education requirement for Biological Science. The specific goals of the course are: (1) familiarize students with basic concepts and scientific principles of wildlife ecology and management; (2) teach students how the scientific method works and how to use the scientific method to analyze and resolve wildlife issues; (3) help students understand the evolutionary basis for the five kingdom system of phylogeny and the biological basis for various wildlife issues involving species from all five kingdoms.

A Few Course Topics: