PSTC-Compton International Fellowships

The UF-IFAS Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation announces an initiative of the Compton Foundation to promote graduate student research in tropical conservation and sustainability with linkages to the fields of peace & security and population & reproductive health.  The objective is to produce graduates who are able to contribute to the conservation of natural systems and to appropriate development necessary for long-term sustainability.  Candidates must have the disciplinary depth and credentials to command a position in their chosen fields, but also have the breadth to draw upon the expertise and perspectives of other disciplines.

Compton Foundation funding for this initiative is targeting support to graduate students from Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa who are pursuing interdisciplinary studies in environment & sustainability integrated with either the field of peace & security (conflict management) or population & reproductive health. Candidates must have a strong commitment to returning to their home countries or elsewhere in the developing world.  Fellowship applicants should be individuals who show excellent leadership capacity; who are innovative, good communicators, and likely to make a significant contribution through their work, personal abilities, and dedication.

These scholarships are designed to facilitate graduate student research projects that will strengthen biodiversity conservation & sustainability in tropical countries with integrated work in peace & security or population & health arenas.  (Applicants may wish to refer to the Compton Foundation Web site to read about these three areas of interest at  Funds may be used to conduct research and to participate in international internships or conferences.

Program Format

Fellowships will be awarded to up to four outstanding graduate students.  Applicants must be nationals of tropical, developing countries, from Mexico, Central America, South America, and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Funds should enable students to conduct research that will make a significant impact on conservation and sustainability.  Their course of study should emphasize linkages between environment, sustainable development, population, reproductive health, and/or security issues. The application should explicitly address how the proposed research will enhance tropical conservation as well as address sustainable development concerns and population or security issues.

A stipend of up to $10,000 for master’s students and $15,000 for doctoral students will be awarded per fellowship. Master's degree students should be conducting thesis research. Ph.D. candidates should be advanced students with coursework completed and with an approved dissertation research proposal for work based in Latin America or Africa.

Application Procedure

  1. Applications should be submitted using the following format:
    • Cover page, providing applicant’s name, department, university address, email, highest degree attained, UF ID number, research title, specific objectives for the period of study, and a 100-word summary of the proposed research program and its significance to environment and sustainability.
    • Four-page description of research objectives, plan of study, and justification of how the activities will foster integration of conservation and sustainable development with peace & security or population & health fields.  Particular attention will be paid to the degree to which applicants have considered how their work will have the desired impacts.
    • One page description of applicant’s overall career goals, educational background, relevant experience, awards, and publications.
    • Itemized budget for up to $15,000 for Ph.D. students, $10,000 for M.S./M.A. students, with an indication of how funds will enable the student to conduct research that will make a significant contribution to tropical conservation and sustainable development in their home country.  Funds may be used for expenses incurred directly for field research activities, such as travel, food, lodging, field assistants, computer or software, and equipment.  Funds also may be used to attend professional meetings or to facilitate collaboration with home country agencies or NGO's.
    • A letter of recommendation, preferably from the applicant's graduate advisor addressing the quality of the applicant and the feasibility and appropriateness of the plan of study.
    • A photocopy of the applicant’s graduate school transcript.
  2. A UF- PSTC faculty review committee will evaluate the proposals.
  3. Deadline for the submission of applications is 10 February 2010.  Scholarship recipients will be announced 15 March 2010.
  4. Scholarship recipients must submit to PSTC a two-page final report outlining their accomplishments by 1 September 2010.
  5. Recipients are required to attend an annual meeting of Compton Fellows in the fall of 2010. (All expenses covered within the U.S.)

Please direct questions regarding the program and email an electronic Word file and send five (5) hard copies (duplex or on recycled paper, please) of completed applications by 10 February 2010 to:
Dr. Susan Jacobson, Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Director, Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation, P.O. Box 110430, University of Florida.