PSTC-Compton International Fellowships

The Program for Studies in Tropical Conservation received funding from the Compton Foundation to promote graduate student research in tropical conservation and sustainability with linkages to the fields of peace & security and population & reproductive health.  The objective is to produce graduates who are able to contribute to the conservation of natural systems and to appropriate development necessary for long-term sustainability.  Candidates must have the disciplinary depth and credentials to command a position in their chosen fields, but also have the breadth to draw upon the expertise and perspectives of other disciplines.
Compton Foundation funding for this initiative targeted support to graduate students from Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa who were pursuing interdisciplinary studies in environment & sustainability integrated with either the field of peace & security (conflict management) or population & reproductive health. Candidates demonstrated a strong commitment to returning to their home countries or elsewhere in the developing world. They were individuals who show excellent leadership capacity; who are innovative, good communicators, and likely to make a significant contribution through their work, personal abilities, and dedication.

PSTC - Compton Fellowship Faculty Steering Committee
Susan Jacobson (Program Director, Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation)
Francis “Jack” Putz (Professor of Botany and Forestry and Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Forestry Research)
Peter Hildebrand (Director of IFAS International Programs and Professor of Food and Resource Economics)
Marianne Schmink (Director of the Tropical Conservation and Development Program, Center for Latin American Studies and Professor of Anthropology)
Daniel Zarin (Associate Professor of Tropical Forestry and Executive Director of the Forest Management Trust)
Thomas Ankersen (Professor of Law and Director of UF’s Mesoamerican Environmental Law Program)
Lauren Chapman (Associate Professor of Zoology)
Clyde Kiker (Professor of Food and Resource Economics)
Mel Sunquist (Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation)
Steve Humphrey (Dean, College of Natural Resources and Environment)

PSTC - Compton International Fellows

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