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Hazardous Household Waste

Proper household hazardous waste (HHW) management is an integral part of protecting the land, air, and water systems. Household products that contain hazardous components can have adverse effects on the environment and require special awareness, handling and disposal.


What qualifies as HHW?

    • poisons
    • motor oils
    • flammable liquids
    • antifreeze
    • corrosives
    • paint products
    • automobile fluids
    • fluorescent lamps
    • batteries






    HHW can be safely disposed of at the:
    Toxic Round Up Corral
    5125 NE 63rd AVE
    Gainesville, FL 32609
    (352) 334-0440

    The proper storage of HHW is just as important as it's proper disposal. Follow these tips for safe storage:

    • check all containers for leaks or rust holes
    • do not mix different or unknown materials together
    • label all containers
    • store materials in a secure place out of the reach of children and away from rain and heat
    • handle all materials carefully to minimize the risk of exposure
    • if a leak occurs, clean up spills with an oil-absorbant material, such as cat litter
    • buy only the need quantity of products

    Behold the power of vinegar!

    Vinegar can be used as a simple, safe, non-toxic cleaner for winders, floors and furniture. Click here for a complete list of alternative household and garage cleaning products and formulas.


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