Pond with BridgeMany species are attracted to water. Water is an essential part of productive wildlife habitats. Providing a birdbath, a butterfly mud puddle, and a pond are great ways to provide water sources for wildlife. Ponds are not only beautiful, but also attract a variety of species and enhance amphibian breeding. Below you will find documents to help incorporate water into your landscape.

Florida’s Reptiles and Amphibians
Creating Wildlife Habitat with Native Florida Freshwater Wetland Plants
Wildlife in Urban Landscapes: Use of Golf Course Ponds by Wetlands Birds
Establish a 'Littoral' Zone for Wildlife
Addressing Wildlife Needs in Construction Site Management Plans
Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants


Landscaping and Water Conservation

Watering Can

Water Conservation
Landscape Mulches: What Are The Choices in Florida?
Landscape Mulches: How Quickly Do They Settle?
Landscape Mulches: How Long They Retain Their Color?
Landscape Mulches: Will Subterranean Termites Consume Them? Conservation Subdivisions and Conserving Urban Biodiversity
Landscaping for Wildlife Topics