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Welcome to Osprey cam brought to you by the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida.

The nest that you see is located on the top of the right field pole at Alfred A. McKethan Baseball Stadium, University of Florida. This nesting pair of ospreys have been coming to this stadium for a number of years. See the history of how the camera was placed on this pole.

Cool facts about Ospreys.

If video image does not pop up - you can view live feed at http://www.earthcam.com/usa/florida/gainesville/osprey/?cam=uflorida_osprey

Hello All: The osprey family has successfully raised a chick named FluffButt (FB)! FB is learning to fly and fish with its parents. Unfortunately, the camera is offline due to a lightning storm. Currently, it has been reported that FB and the parents are still on the nest. If you go by the pole, please tweet any observations at #UFOspreycam. The whole family will eventually leave this nest (very soon) and migrate south (either to South Florida or South America). We hope to get it back online by next Feb when the ospreys come back to nest again. Thanks for all your support!

The votes are in! The osprey chick is called Fluff Butt! We wish Fluff Butt well as he/she learns to fly and fish with the parents. Thanks for all your votes!

The osprey breeding season is underway. Mom and Dad are back from South America (or South Florida) to rebuild their nest and raise a family. Please watch and report any interesting sightings through twitter (#UFOspreyCam). When at the baseball games, bring your smartphone and view the ospreys as they build their nest and raise their young. To help fund the video streaming, we are asking for donations to see this pair of ospreys return and raise a family! If interested, please make a gift to the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Excellence Fund here.

This is a wild osprey nest and anything can happen. While we hope that the osprey chicks will hatch and successfully fledge each season, things such as disease and predation can affect this osprey family.

2018 Photos and Highlights

The osprey pair has three eggs!

Female and her two eggs

The osprey pair has two eggs!

Valentine's Day! Female waiting for fish from mate

Male (on the left) is "mantling" showing female that he is no threat

First egg for the osprey pair!

2017 Photos and Highlights

Second egg!

First egg!

Female osprey on the nest

Female on beam with fish; male is in the nest

Got it! Male osprey bringing in a fish

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