Bird Window Collision Project at UF: If You Find a Bird

Quick Tips!

If Bird Is Alive: Gently place bird in a cardboard box and allow the bird to recover (more info). If bird is severely injured, contact Florida Wildlife Care.

Take photos! (Very important.) Upload them to, where you can type "University of Florida Bird Window Collision Project" into the search bar (


Email your photos to any of the following people:

When snapping a photo, please make sure to note the location of the bird as well! And please take at least three photos of the bird as shown above.

More Details...

If you have a smartphone, you can report a dead bird at the site straight from your phone: iNaturalist for Android - iNaturalist for iPhone.

1. Download the iNaturalist App or simply go to the website and create an account. Then go to the "Search Projects" tab and type in "University of Florida Bird Window Collision Project"

2. Select "Add Observations" on the homepage of the project. Take a few photos of the bird (make sure the photo is good enough for someone to identify the bird), including from the three different angles as demonstrated above. Select the date and time, and specify locality (using the map and the name of the building). If you don't know the species of the bird, click "ID please" and we will identify it for you.

If you don't have a smartphone:

Take photos, note the location, building name, time, and report it on next time you are online. Please follow the above steps once visiting the site.

OR contact any one of us upon getting pictures and noting the mentioned details.

Please also feel free to contact us if you have any technical difficulties or questions regarding the bird reporting process. You can find our information in the "Contact Us" tab towards the top of this site.


Treatment is essentially breaking up the image of the window every four inches. A great way to do this is with Acopian Birdsavers - see