WIS 4554 / 5555 Conservation Biology

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WIS 4554 / 5555 (joint upper division undergraduate/graduate course) provides students with an overview of major problems in conservation of biological diversity and applications of biological principles (derived from a variety of disciplines, such as population genetics, biogeography, and community ecology) to preservation of this diversity. Students are introduced to research and management tools used in Conservation Biology and gain an appreciation of the linkages of conservation problems across biological scales (genes to ecosystems) and geographical scales (local to global). 3 Credits.

Undergraduate students enroll in WIS 4554. Graduate students enroll in WIS 5555. Requirements are similar for WIS 4554 and WIS 5555 (see syllabus) except for the following: 1) Students in WIS 5555 are required to write a term paper. The paper is optional for students enrolled in WIS 4554. 2) WIS 5555 exams have more in-depth essay questions. 3) Additional readings from the primary literature are required for WIS 5555. These readings are optional for WIS 4554.

Note: These two courses focus on the ecological dimensions of conservation. Students who are interested in the human dimensions of biological conservation may want to look at the following courses: Undergraduate course - WIS 4523 Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Conservation, Graduate course - WIS 6578 Human Dimensions of Biological Conservation.