Guest Lecture Questions

Questions from guest lectures will be posted as they become available. We will try to get questions from speakers several days before their lecture at the latest (though sometimes this is not possible). Print guest questions out and bring them to class to facilitate your note taking.

Perran Ross, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission -- "Conservation and Sustainable Use of Crocodiles"

  1. What elements of crocodilian biology make their conservation and sustainable use possible?
  2. What are the different components of sustainable use of alligators in Florida ?
  3. True or False - 'the only way to conserve endangered species is to put them in protected areas like national parks'. Explain your answer.
  4. Schematic representation of links between commercial use of wild resources and conservation.

Dr. Peter Frederick, Research Professor, UF Dept. of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation -- "Conservation of Wading Birds in a Southeastern Mosaic"

  1. What is an estuary and why is it productive?
  2. Are wading birds generalists or specialists?
  3. Why do wading birds need droughts, floods, and other "disasters"?
  4. How are estuaries being degraded in the southeastern U.S.?
  5. Are wading bird populations currently healthy, or endangered?
  6. In order to conserve the important functions of a coastal estuary, how would you convince people living far from the coast that they need to control erosion and conserve water?

Mark Cunningham, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission -- "Conservation of the Florida Panther and an Overview of Disease Issues in Conservation Biology"

  1. Name a problem that may arise when a wildlife population density increases.
  2. Give a possible anthropogenic cause for an increase in wildlife diseases.
  3. Is increasing the numbers of Florida panthers in south Florida enough to recover the population?
  4. If not, what is needed?

Santiago Espinosa, Ph.D. Candidate, UF Dept. of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation - "Yasuni National Park in Ecuador - Oil, Indigenous People, and Wildlife"

  1. What do you think is the main issue threatening wildlife conservation in Yasuni?
  2. What is Ecuador proposing to the international community to stop oil extraction within Yasuni? What do you think about this proposal?
  3. Do you think jaguars are good indicator species? Why or why not?
  4. Roads, markets, Waorani and jaguars... how are they related?