Giuliano Lab Alumni

Courtney A. Tye: Fox squirrel conservation. MS student. 2014.

Mitchell R. Blake: Survival and multi-scale habitat selection of Osceola turkeys in Florida rangelands. MS student. 2011.

John M. Olson: Factors affecting wild turkey nest success and habitat selection in Florida rangelands. MS student. 2011.

Robert W. Hoffman: Northern bobwhite restoration in tropical rangelands. MS student. 2010.

Adam S. Willcox: Predicting beef cattle producer wildlife conservation behavior and participation in cost-share and technical assistance programs. (Recipient of the Best Student Presentation Award for his presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Florida Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Tallahassee, FL. April 22, 2010). PhD student. 2010.

Emma V. Willcox: Wildlife and habitat responses to prescribed burning, roller chopping, and grazing in Florida rangelands. PhD student. 2010.

Mary Hobby: Land-use and upland game bird abundance in Florida. MS student. 2009.

Brandon J. Schad: Reproductive ecology of resident and translocated bobwhites on south Florida rangelands. MS student. 2009.

Jose R. Soto: Patterns and determinants of human-carnivore conflicts in the tropical lowlands of Guatemala. MS student. 2008.

Christian R. Long: Interrelationships among fall and winter spatial requirements, pre-breeding condition, mast production, and survival and reproduction of ruffed grouse. MS student. 2007.

Kristin Schaumburg: Avian ecology and conservation in coastal marshes. MS student. 2007.

Blair E. Madden: Salamander-habitat relationships at multiple scales. MS student. 2005.

John Tirpak: Spatially explicit models of ruffed grouse populations in the central and southern Appalachians. PhD student. 2005.

Mark Weckel: Status and nutritional ecology of jaguars in the Cockscomb Basin of Belize. MS student. 2005.

Christopher M. Nagy: Population ecology of reintroduced urban screech owls. MS student. 2004.

John M. Tirpak: Influence of microhabitat structure on nest success and brood survival of ruffed grouse in the central and southern Appalachians. MS student. 2000.

Joshua D. Homyack: Reptile and amphibian use of stream habitats in relation to grazing, water quality, and invertebrate abundance. MS student. 1999.

Sudie Daves: Relations between agricultural land-use practices and grassland nesting birds in western Pennsylvania. MS student. 1997.

Kenneth Dufalla: Aquatic invertebrate preferences for road-construction substrates utilized by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. MS student. 1997.

Kathleen Fleming: Effect of border-edge cuts on bird communities in farm woodlots of southwestern Pennsylvania. (Recipient of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists Award for the Outstanding Graduate Student in Biology and the Best Student Presentation Award for her presentation at the Annual Meeting of the Pennsylvania Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Dawson, PA. April 5, 1997). MS student. 1997.

Gary Popotnik: Effects of grazing on avian nest success, diversity, and guild structure in riparian zones of Pennsylvania. MS student. 1997.