Drawing on my applied research program, I have developed an extension program centered on two areas, which focus on Florida but have regional, national, and international applications: 1) providing information and outreach to improve understanding of wildlife ecology and conservation; and 2) integrating wildlife management and other land-uses, particularly agriculture, by providing information and outreach to improve agricultural and other lands for wildlife and illustrating how wildlife and their management can be incorporated to improve (economically) agricultural and other land management enterprises. Both programs are cooperative in nature and integrate science-based information and outreach in demonstration areas, publications, videos and PowerPoint presentations, websites, seminars, workshops, field days, site-visits, and in-service trainings to facilitate information transfer to the public, both directly and indirectly, by training extension-oriented students and county faculty.

For more information on extension activities, please visit the following websites:

Florida Quail

Wildlife and Agriculture

Small Farms Alternative Enterprises

Feral Hog Community of Practice

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