Belize Internships

A variety of internship possibilities are available in Belize that will allow students to spend an entire semester abroad and work around the Ecology and Conservation of Wildlife in the Tropics of Belize study abroad course that is offered. Internships focusing on animal husbandry, wildlife conservation, wildlife/environmental education, and program administration are possible, and several may be pursued during a semester abroad. Interns will work with groups such as the Belize Zoo, Belize Audubon Society, Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Belize Ministry of Natural Resources. Each internship requires a minimum 3 week commitment, but some require a longer stay. Internships are competitive. Students will pay normal course credits fees to UF, and pay their way to and from Belize as well as for room and board in Belize. Room and board varies from $30/day to $600/month, depending on the program. The interns receive no pay. If interested, contact Dr. Bill Giuliano for more information 352-846-0575,