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I have a wide variety of interests. Although most of my research has concentrated on animals in urban areas, I consider myself a scientist that happens to use urban areas to address many ecological issues. Thus, the best bet is to come talk to me if you have an idea about a project. I enjoy working with people in other disciplines, so I should stress that I welcome not only students from the natural sciences, but students from the social sciences as well.

Currently, I am primarily concentrating on the “human dimension” of designing and managing green developments and cities. Currently, many of my projects and outreach activities are associated with UF’s Program For Resource Efficient Communities.

Given the above – I have several areas of interests for research and extension projects:

  • Determining Flora and Fauna Biometric Tools for Urban Planning - (see Nature of Cities Blog)
  • Implementing and measuring impacts of neighborhood education programs
  • Analyzing policies that increase the uptake of conservation practices
  • How well does green infrastructure perform in urban cities?
  • Develop continuing education courses on urban biodiversity conservation
  • Developing environmental education and outreach programs in “green” developments (see website – http://www.wec.ufl.edu/extension/gc/harmony).
  • Develop natioanla and international continuing education courses to train build/design professionals on biodiversity conservation in subdivision development
  • How to help landowners implement urban conservation strategies
  • How to create incentive-based policies for sustainable development
  • Exploring urban landscape designs for animals
  • How humans perceive and manage their landscapes
  • Eco-friendly developments and how they benefit wildlife and people
  • How to design eco-friendly developments
  • Impacts of human-dominated environments on animals
  • Researching the scales at which birds respond to landscape structure
  • Designing citizen-based environmental and wildlife monitoring programs
  • Exploring unique adaptations of animals to urban environments
  • Developing Environmental Education Programs and Materials
  • In terms of previous projects, I have a few that have been developed:

Eco-intelligent Community – Harmony, FL

Eco-Intelligent Community – Gainesville, FL

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