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Hal Knowles (PhD): Is Home Energy Consumption a Nonlinear, Scale Invariant Signal with Diagnostic Value?

Jan-Michael Archer (MS): Developing a Forest Bird Biometric Tool for Urban Planning




Daniel Feinberg (MS): Which Policies are Stakeholders Willing to Adopt to Support Long-term Management of Conservation Developments?

Daniel Penniman: Cost Comparison of Implementing Low Impact Development Stormwater Treatment Methods

Rick Vaughn: Influence of Subdivision Design and Open Space Conservation on Annual Carbon Sequestration Rates

Phil D'amo: Low Impact Development: How Ready are Built Environment Professionals to Implemnt LID Practices?

Gloria Lentijo
Evaluation of a Participatory Bird Census Project on Conservation Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Farmers Towards Conservation in Coffee Growing Regions of Colombia

Dara Wald
Policy Mechanisms to Enhance Long-Term Management of Sustainable Communities

Krystal Noiseux
Levels of environmental consciousness and preferences for green community design features: A comparative study between green and non-green homebuyers

Marisa Romero
Policies that address sustainable building practices, landscaping, and site development

Elizabeth Swiman
Developing a Natural Resource website for "Green" Developments

Dan Dawson
Use of Edge and Interior Habitat of Urban Forest Remnants by Avifauna and Herpetofauna

Ashley Traut
Waterbird Habitat Preferences on Urban Residential Lakes

Kara Youngentob
The Effects of New Urbanism On Homeowner Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behavior Towards the Environment

Hal Knowles
Preserving Wildlife Habitat in Residential Developments

Anna Prizzia
The Missing Link: Environmental Education for “Green” Developments

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