Kota Kinabalu

Information for Prospective Graduate Students

I advise graduate students with interests in the human dimensions of natural resource management, with a focus on environmental education and communication, as well as the design and evaluation of tropical conservation programs. I encourage my students to pursue their own ideas and interests, and expect them to work collaboratively.

My graduate students work on diverse projects, such as: a survey of public involvement in watershed management in Florida, an evaluation of boater education programs to protect Florida manatees, the effectiveness of parks and non-governmental organizations in Ecuador and Brazil, community-based conservation initiatives in Uganda and Tanzania, and methods for monitoring and evaluation of conservation programs in Zambia and Kenya. (See link to student theses and dissertations) Students are supported on research and teaching assistantships and fellowships, as well funding from outside sources. I encourage prospective U.S. students to apply for external funding such as NSF and EPA Predoctoral Fellowships, and foreign students to apply for support from their home institutions, government agencies, or international organizations (e.g., Fullbright, OAS). The Center for African Studies and Center for Latin American Studies at UF also offer competitive student funding.

Students interested in working with our group should:

If you are interested in pursuing graduate studies with me as your advisor, please send me a CV, GRE scores and GPA, and a brief statement of your research interests and career goals. Please see the WEC Graduate Program (WEC Graduate Programs Web Site) for WEC admissions requirements and application procedures for the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. Although we have a rolling application deadline, most UF funding is allocated by February for the following fall semester.