1993-1997 - National Biological Service Representative Science Subgroup of the Interagency South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Initiative

Given my academic training as an ecosystem ecologist and first-hand research experience in the South Florida Ecosystem, I was appointed to represent the National Biological Service as a scientific advisor to the South Florida Ecosystem Restoration Initiative as a working member of the Science Subgroup. The position required providing synthesis of scientific information for defining the system, the objectives of the restoration effort, and criteria for success. I functioned within several structured interagency and academic teams to assess scientific information needs and gaps relevant to the restoration initiative. I was responsible for making critical reviews and recommendations to the various modelling efforts underway under the auspices of various agencies in the restoration initiative. The position required scientific leadership and major authorship of various technical documents that set both the scientific scope and framework for the restoration effort. I provided a leadership role in committees responsible for conceptualizing, planning, implementing, and preparing published reports for three scientific workshops: 1) Interagency Spatial Data Workshop on the South Florida Ecosystem, 2) Strategic Research Needs for the northern Everglades and Lake Okeechobee, 3) Ecologic and Precursor Success Criteria for South Florida Ecosystem Restoration .