Population Ecology Laboratory Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation

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Madan K. Oli, Ph.D.


324 Newins-Ziegler Hall
Department of Wildlife Ecology
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-0430, USA
Phone: (352) 846-0561 (Office)
           (352) 846-0648 (Lab)
E-mail: olim@ufl.edu

Lab news

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Congratulations to 2015 graduates: Madelon van de Kerk (PhD) and Thomas Selby (MS)

Congratulations to 2013-14 graduates: Varun Goswami (PhD), Oscar Murillo (PhD), andLizzie Troyer (MS)

Congratulations to 2010- 2011 graduates: Jeff Hostetler (PhD), Binab Karmacharya (MS), Sahar Jalal (MS), Eva Kneip (MS) and Gail Morris (MS)

The overall goal of our research program is to improve understanding of the dynamics, regulation, and persistence of biological populations, and to contribute to the science-based management of wildlife populations in human-dominated landscapes. In pursuit of these goals, we integrate ecological theory, mathematical and statistical models, and empirical field research to address ecological questions and to solve conservation and management problems. We study a diverse group of organisms including Florida panthers, marmots, ground squirrels and other small mammals, elephants, sea turtles and northern bobwhites. Our research questions have also been diverse, and are reflected in our publications and research topics.