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The northern bobwhite, or simply the bobwhite quail, has always been a favorite quarry of Florida’s hunters. However, during the past 50 years this bird has undergone considerable declines in Florida and throughout North America. Such declines not only effect hunters and tradition, but all of Florida’s people and ecosystems, as the bobwhite has important biological, aesthetic, social, recreational, and economic value.

Declines in quail populations appear to be primarily the result of habitat loss and degradation associated with changing land-use practices. All is not lost, however, as bobwhite populations respond quickly to habitat improvements, and several programs are now underway at local, state, and national levels to restore habitats and quail populations throughout Florida and elsewhere in its range.

The goal of this website is to provide hunters, landowners and managers, and wildlife enthusiasts with information on bobwhite biology, status and distribution, management, conservation options, and alternative enterprises so that they may be informed, active participants in the recovery of this important bird.

Specifically, the objectives of this website are to:

  • describe bobwhite quail biology, ecology, and natural history
  • list and detail integral habitat requirements for healthy quail populations
  • discuss quail management practices
  • describe sources of financial and technical assistance
  • provide video and text proceedings from short courses on quail
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