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Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education and Communications

The certificate in Environmental Education and Communication (EEC) is designed for graduate students from all disciplines who wish to focus on issues related to education and communication interventions concerning management of the environment and natural resources.

The EEC certificate will be awarded to graduate students at the Masters or Doctorate level, who have completed at least 15 credit hours of approved courses. Applications for the certificate must be submitted to the EEC Graduate Certificate Steering Committee. The Steering Committee is composed of Dr. Susan Jacobson, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation; Dr. Linda Jones, Department of Curriculum and Instruction; and Dr. Martha Monroe, School of Forest Resources and Conservation.

Course Requirements

Courses are classified below into three categories. Students are required to complete at least six credit hours from Category I, three credit hours from Category II, and 6 credits from Category III.


Complete the ECC application and return it with an official UF transcript and a brief (1 paragraph) statement explaining your motivation for earning the Graduate Certificate in EEC. Send this to the attention and address of one of the EEC co-directors listed below.

Category 1: Education and Communication Theory and Practice
(2 courses - 1 from Group A and 1 from Group B or 2 from Group A)

Group A: Environmental Education and Communication Theory and Practice
(Courses in this group focus on theories, research, and skills related to development, implementation, and evaluation of environmental education and environmental communication programs in formal and informal settings.)

FNR 5072C Environmental Education Program Development
FOR 6005 Conservation Behavior
SCE 6045 Environmental Education Methods and Materials
SCE 6290 Science Instruction in Informal Settings
SCE 6647 Global Studies Methods in Science Education
WIS 6525 Environmental Interpretation

Group B: General Education and Communication
(Courses in this group focus on general theories and methods of effective education and communication practices.)

AEE 5206 Instructional Techniques in Agricultural and Life Sciences
AEE 5232 Farming Systems Research and Extension Methods
AEE 5454 Leadership Development for Extension and Community Orgs
AEE 6300 Methodology of Planned Change
AEE 6316 International Extension
AEE 6512 Program Development in Extension Education
AEE 6540 Communication Theories and Strategies for Agriculture and Natural Resources
AEE 6541 Instruction and Communication Technology for Agriculture and Natural Resources
AEE 6552 Evaluating Programs in Extension Education
ALS 5032 Teaching in the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
EDF 6215 Educational Psychology: Learning Theory
LAS 6291 Conflict and Collaboration Management
LAS 6291 Facilitation Skills for Collaboration Management
MMC 6409 Science and Health Communication
MMC 6936 Web Skills for Everyone

Category 2: Ecological Science (1 course)
(Content-specific courses in this category include ecology, structure and function of natural systems.)

BOT 5646 Ecology and Physiology of Aquatic Plants
BOT 5655 Physiological Plant Ecology
BOT 5695 Ecosystems of Florida
BOT 6935 Ecology and Natural History of the Tropics
BOT 6951 Tropical Botany: An Ecological Approach
EES 5305 Ecological and General Systems
EES 5315 Ecology and Environment
EES 6301 Comparative Approaches in Systems Ecology
EES 6308 Wetland Ecology
EES 6356 Estuarine Ecology
ENV 6932 Springs Ecosystems
ENV 6932 Stream Ecology
ENY 6203 Insect Ecology
EVR 5322 Scientific Processes in Conservation and Development
FAS 5276 Field Ecology of Aquatic Organisms
FAS 6932 Marine Ecological Processes
FOR 3153 Forest Ecology (for graduate credit)
FOR 5159 Ecology and Restoration
FOR 6154 Analysis of Forest Ecosystems
FOR 6170 Tropical Forestry
FOR 6172 Tropical Forestry Field Course
FOR 6934 Fire Ecology and Management
HOS 6934 Restoration Ecology
PCB 4043 General Ecology (graduate credit through Dept. of Biology - Zoology)
PCB 5046 Advanced Ecology
PCB 5317 Marine Ecology
PCB 5338 Principles of Ecosystem Ecology
PCB 5415 Behavioral Ecology
PCB 6355 Amazon Ecology
PCB 6356 Ecosystems of the Tropics
PCB 6377 Physiological Ecology of Vertebrates
PCB 6447 Community Ecology
PCB 6496 Stream Ecology
SWS 5305 Soil Microbial Ecology
SWS 6932 Forest and Soil Ecosystem Services
WIS 5376 Behavioral and Ecological Mammalogy
WIS 5481 Savannah Ecology and Management
WIS 5521 Plant-Animal Interactions
WIS 5555 Conservation Biology
WIS 6444 Advanced Wetland Ecology
WIS 6452 Wildlife Ecology
WIS 6455 Wildlife Population Ecology
WIS 6468 Pattern and Process in Landscape Ecology
WIS 6468 Pattern and Process in Landscape Ecology
WIS 6575 Mammalian Carnivores: Ecology, Behavior, and Conservation
WIS 6934 Ecosystems of South Florida
WIS 6934 Foundations of Wildlife Ecology: Theory and Application
WIS 6934 Introduction to Tropical Ecology and Conservation
WIS 6934 Wildlife Ecology and Management
ZOO 6927 Ecological Basis of Tropical Conservation
ZOO 6927 Scales in Ecosystems

Category 3: Human and Environment Interactions
(2 courses - One from Group A and one from Group B)

Group A: Social Science with Environmental Perspectives
(Courses in this group focus on human dimensions and social institutions/organizations that influence and impact the environment, including religion, politics, governance, economics, philosophy, & culture.)

AEB 5167 Economic Analysis in Small Farm Livelihood Systems
AEB 6182 Agricultural Risk Analysis and Decision Making
AEB 6252 Foundations of Food and Resource Economics
AEB 6453 Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
AEB 6933 Natural Resource and Environmental Policy
ALS 5106 Food and the Environment
ALS 5932 Ethnoecology
ALS 6933 Tropical Managed Ecosystems
ANG 5207 Anthropology and Development
ANG 5303 Women and Development
ANG 6086 Historical Ecology
ANG 6286 Contemporary Anthropological Theory: The Politics of Nature
ANG 6930 Ethnobotany: Plants and Culture
ARC 6391 Architecture, energy and Ecology
ARC 6934 European Approach to Sustainable Design
BCN xxxx Ethics of Sustainability
CWR 5xxx People and Politics: Water, Wetlands and Watersheds
EES 6009 Ecological Economics
ENV 5075 Environmental Policy
ENV 5105 Foundations of Air Pollution
ENV 6932 Environmental Institutions and Regulations
ENV 6932 Global Environmental Policies and Institutions
FOR 6934 Natural Resources Policy and Economics
GEO 5159 Land Cover Use, Land Change
GEO 6495 Environment and Behavior
GEO 6938 Economic Principles and Tools for Conservation Managers
GLY 5075 Global Climate Change: Past, Present and Future
HOE 5555 Women and Households in Agricultural Development
INR 6352 International Environmental Relations
LAA 6382 Ecological and Environmental Policy
LAH 5934 History of Nature in the Americas
LAS 6291 Impact of Conservation and Development Policy
LAS 6291 Policy Reform in Conservation and Sustainable Development
LAS 6291 Policy Reform in Conservation and Sustainable Development
LAS 6938 Anthropology of Development in Latin America
LAW 6460 Environmental Law
LAW 6460 Land Use Planning and Control
LAW 6472 Natural Resources Law
LAW 6930 Conservation Clinic
LAW 6930 Water Law
LAW 6936 Environmental Justice Seminar
LEI 6834 Ecotourism
MAN 6930 Sustainability Issues in a Global Business Environment
PHC 6309 Environmental Justice Issues in Public Health
PHC 6313 Environmental Health Concepts in Public Health
POS 6933 Environmental Politics
POS 6933 Water Politics and Policy
PUP 6205 Comparative Environmental Regulation
REL 5195 Environmental Values and Practices
REL 5195 Religion, Ethics and Nature
REL 5199 Religion and Nature in North America
REL 5937 Religion, Nature and Society
REL 6167 Radical Environmentalism
SUR 6427 Land Tenure and Administration
SYA 7933 Environment and Society
VME 6606 Ecological Risk Assessment
VME 6934 Aquatic Animal Conservation Issues
WIS 6578 Human Dimensions of Biological Conservation
WST 6935 Gender, Development and Globalization

Group B: Environmental Management/Sustainable Development
(Courses in this group focus on human-developed environmental management systems and techniques/approaches to sustainable development.)

ABE 5645 Biological and Agricultural Systems Simulation
AEB 6254 Simulation of Agricultural Watershed Systems
AEB 6483 Seminar in Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
AEE 6523 Planning Community and Rural Development Programs
AFS 6905 Protected Area Management
AGG 5505 Plant Protection in Tropical Ecosystems
ALS 6933 Tropical Managed Ecosystems
ANG 6930 Anthropology, GIS, and Human Ecosystems
AOM 5431 GIS & Remote Sensing in Agriculture and Natural Resources
ARC 6391 Architecture, Energy and Ecology
BCN 5584 Natural Hazards in Built Environment
BOT 6927 Comparative Forest Management and Policy
EES 5245 Water Quality Analysis
EES 5307 Ecological Engineering
EES 6051 Advanced Environmental Planning and Design
ENV 5306 Solid and Hazardous Waste Management
ENV 6441 Water Resources Planning and Management
ENV 6932 Adaptive Management: People and Policy
ENV 6932 Adaptive Management: Water and Watershed Systems
ENV 6932 Field Methods in Adaptive Management
ENV 6932 Stormwater Control systems
EVR 6320 Sustainable Natural Resource Management
FAS 6932 Fisheries Management and Ecology
FNR 5335 Agroforestry
FOR 5161 Forest Productivity and Health
FOR 5615 Forest Conservation and Management Policies and Issues
FOR 5626 Forest Resources Management
FOR 6170 Tropical Forestry
FOR 6543 Valuation of Forest Resources
FOR 6665 Landscape Planning for Ecotourism
FOR 6934 Community Forest Management
FOR 6934 Field Skills for Forest Conservation
FOR 6934 Non-timber Forest Products
FOR 6934 Watershed Management and Restoration
FNR 5335 Agroforestry
FYC 6302 Sustainable Community Development
GEA 6468 Resource Utilization and Conservation in Latin America
GEO 5159 GIS Applications in Environmental Systems
GEO 5605 Advanced Urban Geography
GEO 6938 Community Conservation and Rural Development in Africa
GEO 6938 Management of Protected Areas in Africa and the Americas
ICM 6680 Principles of International Sustainable Construction
LAA 6656 Environmental Design and Planning Practicum
LAS 6290 Tropical Conservation and Development
LAW 6930 Comparative Forest Management and Policy
LAW 6930 Seminar on Coastal Zone Management
LEI 5255 Outdoor Recreation and Management
LEI 6557 Recreation, Management/Development in Coastal Zone
SOS 5245 Water Resource Sustainability
SWS 5132 Tropical Soil Management
SWS 5235 South Florida Ecosystems
SWS 5242 Wetlands and Water Quality
SWS 6932 Florida Lake Management
URP 6421 Environmental Impact Statements
VME 6934 Aquatic Animal Conservation Issues
WIS 6426 Landscape Ecology & Management for Biodiversity Conservation
WIS 6468 Pattern and Process in Landscape Ecology
WIS 6934 Resilience and Sustainability
WIS 6934 Systematic Planning of Conservation Projects
WIS 6934 Wildlife and Agriculture
ZOO 6927 Ecological Modeling of Data


Dr. Susan Jacobson:; (352)846-0562
Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, P.O. Box 110430

Dr. Linda Jones:; (352)392-0761 ext. 267
School of Teaching and Learning, P.O. Box 117048

Dr. Martha Monroe:; (352)846-0878
School of Forest Resources and Conservation, P.O. Box 110410

Graduate Programs, Dean's Office, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (352)392-2251