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Photo by Chris Hartmann

WEC May 2014 Spotlight

Every few months we spotlight outstanding students, awards won, interesting research, and more in our WEC department spotlight. See what is happening around WEC including research, awards, and more. Read more...
Published: May 2014

Madan Research

Managing America's Wild Horses - A Billion Dollar Question

A recent study by Madan Oli, professor of wildlife ecology at UF, and Robert Garrott, professor of ecology at Montana State University, concludes that cost of caring for captive horses will exceed $1 billion by 2030, and annual costs thereafter would be $67 million. Read more.
Published: November 2013

Bill Pine

Chile's Tiniest Deer Species

Free-ranging domestic dogs can wreak havoc with local wildlife through harassment. In southern Chile, a study by Drs. Eduardo Silva-Rodriguez and Kathryn Sieving (DWEC) showed the extent to which un-restrained dogs near human settlements restrict the range of the world's tiniest deer species - the Southern Pudu. Read More.
Published: May 2013

Bill Pine

UF Research Foundation Awards

The University of Florida Research Foundation recently named Dr. Bill Pine as one of the UF Research Foundation Professors for 2013-16 in recognition of distinguished current record of research and a strong research agenda that is likely to lead to continuing distinction in their fields. Read More.
Published: April 2013