Recovery and Resilience of Oyster Reefs in the Big Bend of Florida

The goal - keeping estuaries resilient in the face of global change. The primary goal of this project is to restore degraded chains of reefs in a way that is resilient both to sea level rise, and to continued low flows from the river. By so doing, we predict healthy reefs will buffer the estuaries from fluctuations in salinity, and from coastal erosion. The effects of this buffering should cascade to the fish, shellfish, birds and plant communities that humans care about, under a variety of future climate and sea level conditions.


Following a search under UF contracting guidelines, The Brentwood Company has been hired as Construction Manager for the Lone Cabbage Reef Restoration project. The work will be divided into four subcontracts: relocation of existing oysters from the construction footprint, procurement and placement of limerock boulders on the reef, procurement and placement of shell on top of the boulders, and placement of navigational signs on the newly constructed reef.

Current construction schedule: Relocation of existing oysters from the construction footprint will begin on or about 6/18/2018 and be completed by July 1 2018. Rock and shell placement will take place from July 1 2018 to November 2018. Oyster relocation back to the reef, and placement of navigational signs will occur as the 22 reef elements are completed in a north to south progression.

Questions about the construction process can be addressed directly to Mr. Tom Filmer, The Brentwood Company,