Meet WEC Alumni

With this interactive map, you can visit and explore the places where the researchers of the University of Florida's Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department are doing their fascinating work.

Read about some of the fascinating jobs WEC graduates have obtained worldwide.

WEC MS and PhD Alumni

Fangyuan Hua - University of Cambridge

Thomas Selby - United States Geological Survey

Matt Reetz - Executive Director of the Madison Audubon Society

Santiago Espinosa - Catholic University in Ecuador

Dara Wald - Postdoctoral Fellow ASU

Lisa Korte - Smithsonian

Chuck Knapp - Shedd Aquarium

Anna Prizzia and Melissa DeSa - Forage

Grant Sizemore - American Bird Conservancy

Kim Annis - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Ravi Kailas - Ficus Travel and Natural History Tours

Joe Roman - Eat the Invaders Blog

Jesse Senko - Loggerhead Sea Turtle Research

John Arana - Daily Green

WEC Bachelors Alumni

Jesse Kessler

Mel Moreno

Tyler Mosteller

Hunter Slade