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C. Kenneth Dodd, Jr.

Contact Information

Associate Professor (Courtesy), Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation. University of Florida [1986-present]

University/Student Activity

University of Florida
Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, Gainesville, FL 32611 [College of Agriculture and Life Sciences]

Message to Prospective Graduate Students.

Completed Degree:
8 MS (Elizabeth Domingue ['95];Charles Knapp ['99]; Alison Hamilton, ['00]; Ann Marie Clark ['06]); Ravi Kailas ['08]; J. Michael Butler ['08]; Yurii Kornilev ['08]; Anthony Lau ['11]. 3 PhD (Lora Smith ['99]; Steve Johnson ['01]; Charles Knapp ['05])

Committee Member:
8 MS (Robin Boughton ['97], Deborah Epperson ['97], Gregg Klowden ['00], Elizabeth Knizley ['97], Jamie Barichivich ['06], Jennifer Staiger ['99], Brooke Talley ['05], Amber Pitt ['05]). 3 PhD (Krista McCoy, Mike McCoy ['06], Erik Blosser ['14])

Senior Thesis Advisor: Maya Zacharow ['02]

Academic Interests

Herpetology, Conservation Biology, Amphibian Biology

Selected Publications

Dodd, C.K., Jr. and R.A. Seigel. 1991. Relocation, repatriation, and translocation of amphibians and reptiles: Are they conservation strategies that work? Herpetologica 47:336-350.

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* WEC/UF address

To Prospective Graduate Students:

Thank you for contacting me concerning graduate research at the University of Florida.

As a Courtesy Associate Professor in the Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation and within the UF School of Natural Resources and the Environment (SNRE), I have chaired 8 MS and 3 PhD students. Completed thesis titles are as follows:

MS. Elizabeth Domingue (1995): "Amphibian and Reptile Communities of Temporary Ponds in a Managed Pine Flatwoods"
MS. Charles Knapp (1999): "Population Biology of a Translocated Iguana (Cyclura) Colony in the Bahamas"
MS. Alison Hamilton (2000): "Evidence for Ontogenetic Shifts in Box Turtles: Activity Patterns, Movements, and Use of Microenvironments and Habitats by Juvenile Terrapene carolina bauri on Egmont Key, Florida"
MS. Ann Marie Clark (2006): "Using Microsatellite Loci to Determine the Fine Scale Genetic Structure of a Complex of Timber Rattlesnake (Crotalus horridus) Dens in Northeastern New York State"
MS. Yurii Kornilev (2008): "Behavioral Ecology of the Suwanee Cooter (Pseudemys concinna suwanniensis) in a Blackwater Spring-fed River"
MS. J. Michael Butler (2008): "Morphology, Molecules, and Delineation of the Gulf Coast Box Turtle"
MS. Ravi Kailas (2008): Non-thesis technical paper - "Habitat Fragmentation and Conservation Theory"
MS. Anthony Lau (2011): "Spatial Ecology of the Gopher Tortoise in Coastal Sand Dune Habitat: Burrow Site Selection, Home Range and Seasonal Activity Patterns"
PhD. Lora Smith (1999): "The Status and Ecology of the Angonoka Tortoise (Geochelone yniphora) of Western Madagascar"
PhD. Steve Johnson (2001): "Life History, Ecology, and Conservation Genetics of the Striped Newt (Notophthalmus perstriatus)"
PhD. Charles Knapp (2005): "Ecology and Conservation of the Andros Island Iguana (Cyclura cychlura cychlura)"

I can also serve on graduate committees in other departments within the University.

Policies within WEC dictate that I can only serve as co-advisor, rather than being sole major advisor as in the past. WEC restricts the number of students I can co-advise within the Department to three.

Of additional concern is financing. Because WEC does not have large teaching labs, they have few graduate assistantships. Those assistantships usually go to line faculty, which makes it difficult for my students. Since I am retired from my former position, I will not have funding to support a graduate student. Information concerning financial aid at UF should be available on WEC's web site (

Please note! In order to be accepted in WEC, you must first get the support of a line faculty member. Before you contact me, I advise you to secure a line faculty member as sponsor. Good luck on your graduate career.


Dr. Ken Dodd
Courtesy Associate Professor