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New Graduate Students FAQ

Welcome to the New Graduate Student FAQ. This guide is designed to provide you with answers to the questions you will likely have as a new students in our department.

What technology resources are available to me as a graduate student?

Computer Lab

The Quantitative Lab in room 354 is a graduate student use lab. There are 6 desktop machines, a scanner, and a poster printer for use. Please see Elaine if you need the code for the door.

Each machine has the following software for use:

Network Printer - Room 354

The network printer in 354 is for use free of charge to our graduate students. Please see this guide for connection to this printer. Please note that this printer is automatically setup to print duplex to conserve paper.

Poster Printer - Room 354

We have a large format poster printer for graduate student use. The paper sizes are 36" and 42" (this would be length top to bottom of your poster). The width of your poster should be under 52". Microsoft PowerPoint is usually the easiest program to use to design a poster.


Microsoft Security Essentials software is provided free of charge to all UF students, please visit this page for more information and to download the software:

Anyone who receives a paycheck from UF qualifies for the "Microsoft 'Work At Home' Media Program", which covers Windows 7 Ultimate and Office Enterprise for your personal computers. More information can be found here:

There are a few pieces of software we use that are free to download for everyone.


Email services are provided to all students at UF. You can access your email account at school or at home via the UF Webmail Website.

A student applicant that has been admitted, registered student or non-registered active (summer term) student is eligible for a mailbox and other central services in addition to the basic network access account. Once you graduate, your account and services will be expired in approximately one academic term. We recommend that you forward your email to a new email service as soon as possible after graduation, and publicize that email address. Should you again need the account in order to pay loans or apply to the University, you will be eligible for a network access account only (unless you are readmitted), not for email or other central services.

File Storage

The WEC department has network file storage for multiple uses. Our T: Drive is used for shared documents and lab folders. Our U: drive is your personal folder for file storage. If you are a new student and wish to have a U: Drive folder, please send an email to Tom Barnash to request one. Instructions for setting up these drives can be found in this guide.

Polycom (Video Conferencing) and Conference Calls

Video conferencing is provided by our department via Polycom units. A fixed unit is installed in room 376, in a conference room that can seat about 25 people. Also available in this room is a projector for sharing presentations, and they can be shared to both the local and remote people for your meeting.

A portable Polycom unit is also available for use, and can be used in any room in Newins-Ziegler that has an internet connection.

A conference phone is also available. It can be moved to any room that has a telephone in it. Long distance phone calls are charged to your professor.

Scheduling and checkout of these items is handled by Elaine Culpepper in room 117.

Graduate Student Listserv

Our department uses a Listserv to distribute information to all graduate students via email. It is very important that you have subscribed to this listserv so that you do not miss any important information. If you are not on the listserv, please see Claire Williams or Tom Barnash to get added to this list.