Photo by Madelon Van der kerk

Connecting to the Quant Lab Printer

You can connect to the Quant lab printer following these steps:

*Note: If using a personal laptop, you must use the VPN to print to UF printers.

  1. Open up My Computer, and type the address \\\ in the address bar. You will get a list of all the printers on the network. (See picture of this step).

  2. If you are prompted for your username and password, you need to enter UFAD\gatorlinkusername in the username box, and your gatorlink password for the password. (See picture of this step)

  3. Find the printer "WEC-Quantlab3330" in the printer list, right click on it, and select connect. (See picture of this step)

You will now have the choice of printing to this printer in any application.

Note: If you get an access denied error when attempting to connect to the print server, you need to email Tom Barnash to be added to the permission list for the printer.