Department Faculty Meeting - October 20th, 2008

Included Files (PDF): Agenda | Research Roadmap

  • CALL TO ORDER -  Dr. John Hayes, Chair, called to order the regular meeting of the Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Department at 2:00 PM.
  • ROSTER -  Elaine Culpepper registered those in attendance as: Mel Sunquist, George Tanner, Mike Moulton, Ken Dodd, Peter Frederick, Bill Giuliano, Emilio Bruna, Mark Hostetler, Jim Austin, Claire Williams, Ray Carthy, Rob Fletcher, Susan Jacobson, Franklin Percival 
  • Table Ron Masters courtesy consideration until December meeting (Tanner)
  • Send out note to faculty about Faculty assembly election (Hayes)
  • Note out about Fall retreat (Hayes)
  • DWEC Research Road Map -  Dr. Hayes stated that Mark McLellan asked each unit and REC to provide a copy of their strategic plan as to what their department s future plans were.  He wanted this for all units and possibly plans to post them to a forum to show a broader vision for IFAS.  WEC is ahead of the curve with our strategic plan for we have already worked on our plan about a year to a year and a half ago.   George Tanner and a committee provided a draft of general description of the plan.   Areas that needed discussion were our international program, and research weaknesses and gaps should be discussed.  We also might need to mention exotic or invasive species in the state as an area that we may need to do more work.  We may have a weakness in this area and possible tie it into the economic end.  Moulton will be providing input as to where to input the invasive species topic.  Discussion was held as to whether or not  we want to give any weight to the weaknesses.  General discussions ensued as to how the responses should be formatted when presented to Dr. McLellan.  Under number 3 general consensuses was that we strike the sentence ‘we have limited expertise.. “   On number 4 feel there should be re-wording,  and Emilio stated they would work on it.  Dr. Hayes did not see any problem with an international or national agenda.  If there is some importance to a faculty member, then let’s put it on the list and see if there are any opportunities out there. 


Normally we are talking about emphasis areas in lieu of a position, maybe we should look at the positions as clusters.  Most felt that we should push the cluster idea.  The cluster idea helps to focus the group and achieve your goals of having different disciplines.  Policy, planning  and economics should be together and relate it to human dimensions.   The three clusters we want to work on are:  Global change: Coastal ecology/Emerging Diseases Policy Planning and Human Dimensions; and Ecology of Human Dominated Eco-systems.   It was felt that we should tell management what we want to do and telling them our total vision might work best.  Dr. Hayes will take a first shot at the cluster summarization.  Rob Fletcher and Emilio Bruna will edit section 3.

  • RON MASTERS – George Tanner  advised Ron Masters is the current director of Tall Timbers.  Ron has made it clear he was seeking courtesy appointment with WEC.  His letter of interest and CV were sent out.  Holly Ober is interested in working with Ron, so it would be a pretty good match.  November 20th he is giving a seminar for SFRC and it was felt it would be a good idea to line up a meeting where WEC faculty could meet with him.  General discussion.  George will get back with Ron and go over some ideas and table this until December .



NEON and OSBS update -  The national meeting for NEON was  last week, which Dr. Hayes attended.  It was good for us to make a showing and things are moving forward in a positive way.  NEON is revising their budget for the program, and budget concerns are being addressed as they are interacting with NSF.  Until NSF gets on board three will not be much action.  Timing is still unclear for OSBS.  They are planning another site visit to selective sites.  People will be coming in to do the detailed planning.  Letter sounds like it might be soon, possible the next two to three months.  Renovation of the Butler Building is underway.  VP of Research has agreed to give funding for infra-structure and vehicles and basic structures, two years of funding for additional staff for two years.   In November we are pitching our ideas to one of the owners of Starbucks.

Faculty assembly election – there will be a new structure for governance within IFAS; and the idea came out of concern about lack of faculty input into the governance of IFAS.  There will be a faculty from the department to represent us for a two year policy.   Dr. Hayes is looking for nominations.  

Faculty Retreat –  Main issue Dr. Hayes wants to discuss at the retreat will be the Undergraduate program,  mentorship, issues about the structure of the courses (more field activities for the students), and look at the curriculum.  We normally do it during the reading period which is November 11th and 12th.  Most preferred to conduct it on Friday.   NOTE OUT TO EVERYONE.

WEC external advisory committee -  Dr. Hayes commented his original plan was to start out with  an ideal advisory committee with all the appropriate people.  Since it has been difficult getting to those people his current idea is to have a committee started to get things moving and we will continue to add the right people as we go. At first we might not have all interest groups and stakeholders represented, but we are going to move forward on it and revise over time. 

Endnote status -  Dr. Hayes is providing support for inputting data into Endnotes.  We are doing it for the state line faculty, but want to include Coop and others in the future.  If you need any assistance see Elaine. 

General Information-

  • Center for Latin American Studies candidate search is going on. 
  • Keys to the CPR/AED unit are located behind the TV screen here in Room 376. 
  • CRIS reports takes 20 minutes to submit.  Directions are good on the email that Dr. Hayes sent. 
  • Walk-in freezer  has been cleaned out with cooperation of SFRC.  Every two months if there is nothing labeled it will be thrown away, both WEC & SFRC are in agreement. 
  • Nov 15th Tailgater will be happening. 
  • TWS needs coordination with rides.

Adjourned at 3:22 pm