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UF Travelers Guide

University Travel
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Trip Preparation

Travel Authorization (TA)
All travel should be approved in advance. A formal travel authorization (TA) must be completed for the following:

*It is best practice to do one TA for each travel occurrence.

Registration Fees
Registration fees require:

Registration may be paid by the following:




Mileage for private auto:
The use of privately owned vehicles for official travel in lieu of publicly owned vehicles or common carriers may be authorized. Mileage shall be computed on the basis of the current map of the Department of Transportation and reimbursed at 44.5 cents per mile. Vicinity mileage necessary for the conduct of official business is allowable but must be shown separately.

Per Diem (Domestic and Foreign):
A traveler may elect to receive $80.00 per day instead of the meals allowance and actual lodging. No receipts are required for Per diem.

Meals (Domestic):
State rates ($36 per day) after 7/1/07:
Breakfast: When travel begins before 6am and extends beyond 8am
Lunch: When travel begins before 12 noon and extends beyond 2pm
Dinner: When travel begins before 6pm and extends beyond 8pm

Class C travel is a trip that is less than 24 hours with no overnight stay. There is no Meal Allowance.

Receipts are required for lodging. Actual expenses for lodging are to be substantiated by paid bills itemizing the room rate and taxes. If you share a room with a person not on University business, you must provide documentation of a single room rate. If the other person is a University employee, a copy of their expense report must accompany your travel expense report.

Communication Expense:
Communication expense incurred while conducting University Business including telephone, wire, computer use, and/or fax expenses require receipt. These items must be for business use and not the travelerís personal use (i.e. a call home)

Travel Advances:
A traveler shall not have more than one advance. The advance must be settled no later than 10 workdays from the travel ending date. If not settled within 30 workdays, UF will garnish a travelerís wages through Payroll. The traveler may make payment arrangements for a garnishment until the cash advance is settled. If the travel advance results in payroll garnishment, then the traveler will not qualify for future travel advances.

After the trip:
Prepare a Travel Expense Report and obtain appropriate signatures, attach proper documentation and forward to: Travel, PO Box 115350, 114 Elmore Hall, Gainesville, FL 32611-5350 for processing.

Remember, the following items must be attached to the Travel Expense Report, if applicable:

Are receipts required?

Meals No When using State rates
Taxi No $25 or less
Taxi Yes Over $25
Valet Tips No $1 allowed
Portage Tips No $1 per bag; 5 bags max per instance
Taxi Tips No 15% and < $25
Taxi Tips Yes 15% and > $25
Gas Yes  
Laundry Yes Can only be claimed when travel > 7 days; not including first and last day
Registration Yes Provide receipt and form showing amount
Airfare Yes Show amount paid and class. Only coach class is allowed unless flight is > 18 hours
Chartered Aifare Yes Must compare cost to a commercial ticket
Train/Bus Yes Same as airfare
AVIS No Must rent Class “B” unless a justification for a larger car is provided
Milage No Must show miles claimed
Vicinity Milage No Show to and from and justify miles > 100
Communication Yes Type and amount
Per Diem No $80 per day in lieu of meals & lodging
Safe Yes Only paid if mandatory by hotel
Lodging Yes Single occupancy. Meet GSA guidelines. If not, requires justification
Misc Yes Must show need & benefit to the university
Parking No When instance is $25 or less
Parking Yes When instance is more than $25
Tolls No When instance is $25 or less
Tolls Yes When instance is more than $25

All items requiring receipts must accompany the Travel Expense Report. This includes items paid with a UF PCard. Any item not listed above requires a receipt, justification and benefit to the university.

Foreign Travel

Travel Expense Reimbursements

The University will only reimburse a traveler for a travel expense that is paid for with personal funds (cash, check or personal credit card). For example, the University will not reimburse a traveler for an expense that is paid for by the use of reward points (sky miles, motel reward points, credit card reward points, etc). These are considered personal use items and may not be used for business related travel. The University will also not reimburse a traveler for the value of complimentary travel expense.

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