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NOTE: Individuals not employed with but providing services to the University of Florida are not permitted to drive State vehicles.

The following three forms must be completed for each volunteer and filed with the WEC Personnel Office:

Record of Volunteer Service

Supervisor Checklist

Volunteers must register with the appropriate monitoring programs if performing duties that would require an employee doing the same duties to register. As an example, Risk Assessment for Animal Contact, Audiogram for Excessive Noise, serum banking for contact with birds, etc. The last selection is checked if no duties apply.

Reporting a Work-Related Injury

Please have the volunteer read, sign, and submit the following form along with the Volunteer Services form. The volunteer should also keep a copy for future reference if needed.

Minors (under 18 years of age)

In addition to the Record of Volunteer Service and Supervisor Checklist, the following forms must be completed when the volunteer is a minor:

Minors in Laboratories, Clinics or Animal Facilities

Complete Minors Registration Form; provide a copy to the WEC Personnel Office

Provides general policy regarding minors

Parental/Guardian Authorization for Treatment of Minors

Referenced in the Volunteer Service form.