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Reporting a Work-Related Injury

Instructions for Reporting a Work-Related Injury - WCReportingHandout2016.pdf

The process for reporting an on-the-job injury under the University of Florida Workers' Compensation program is changing effective immediately. Currently, an injured employee notifies his or her supervisor and then contacts the UF Workers' Compensation Office to report the injury and receive authorization for treatment. Effective March 1, if a non-life-threatening on-the- job injury occurs, the injured employee and supervisor should immediately contact AmeriSys, the State of Florida's medical case management vendor, by calling 1-800-455-2079. In the event of a life-threatening injury, please call 911 first. After ensuring the employee receives emergency medical care, AmeriSys should be notified of the injury as soon as possible.

Treatment for any non-life-threatening work-related injury or illness must be authorized by AmeriSys prior to obtaining medical treatment. Injured employees who do not think they require medical care should still contact AmeriSys to discuss the circumstances of their accident.

For more information, please contact UF Workers' Compensation at (352) 392- 4940 or visit