Wildlife and their use have always been a part of Florida, and conserving wildlife resources continues to be a priority for many Floridians and visitors to the State; as is preserving the way of life, culture, and means of making a living.  Consequently, it is not only wildlife resources that enhance the quality of life and attract people to Florida, but also its farms, ranches, prairies, and forest lands, as well as the people and communities that depend on them.

Changing land-uses throughout the State and world in recent decades have led to wildlife habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation, and concomitant declines in many wildlife populations.  Such declines in wildlife populations not only hurt Florida’s multi-billion dollar ecotourism industry, but its culture as well.

The overall goal of this website is to provide Floridians with information on how private agricultural lands can be managed so that wildlife and agriculture can both thrive on the same piece of property to benefit wildlife conservation, preserve agricultural lands and culture, and provide sustainable and profitable business opportunities.

Specifically, the objectives of this website are to:

  • describe problems faced by wild animals inhabiting agricultural areas
  • provide information on how agricultural lands can be managed for the benefit of wildlife
  • detail ways to resolve some human-wildlife conflicts
  • describe sources of technical and financial assistance for wildlife management
  • discuss how wildlife-based enterprises can generate income for farms and ranches
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